NovoPosture – Advanced Smart Posture Corrector

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This item: NovoPosture - Advanced Smart Posture Corrector
$59.99 $29.99
$59.99 $29.99
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Bad posture can cause long-term health problems. If you spend hours sitting down or in front of a screen, it is likely that you have bad posture without even knowing it. Anyone can succumb to pain from bad posture, regardless of age. Therefore, it is best to stop and prevent bad posture before they lead to health issues.

The NovoPosture helps to prevent bad posture by automatically reminding you to correct your posture whenever you slouch!

The NovoPosture™ is an excellent choice for people who suffer from back pain and have bad posture. It has an adjustable strap, making it suitable for people of all sizes, it corrects your posture to alleviate any back pain. The NovoPosture is made with high-quality stretchy neoprene material. It can be discretely worn under your clothes at work, gym, etc. The NovoPosture is the perfect solution to putting an end to bad posture and eliminating back pain.

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Weight 120.0 kg
Dimensions 213 × 155 × 50 cm



Adult, Child


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